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Khintx: Billie Jean Dunn RAW Interview - Feb 25, 2011

I = Interviewer
BD = Billie Dunn
I:  Alright, now, umm,  I kind of have to ask some tough questions. I'm sorry to ask them.  But we just got affidavits released about the computer and everything, the memory stick and everything that was confiscated. And, apparently, according to the affidavits there was a bunch of pronographic stuff and deviant acts.  What can you tell us about that? 
BD:  Umm. I hadn't seen any of it and I hadn't got to talk to investigators to find out what it is. The computer whuddant here.  The memory stick was brought over here.  But I have never used either of them or looked at either of them so I don't know what was on it.
I:  The memory stick was brought over by who?
BD:  Shawn. 
I:  So, would, I mean is it Shawn's stuff or where is this coming from? 
BD:   Well, the computer is not his. That memory stick was.  And I don't know what was found on just that.  
I:  And according to sheriff [Toombs] he says there is child porn on there and bestiality. 
BD:  And I don't know anything about it. I don't have any facts yet or haven't got to talk to anybody yet.  I heard the story come out this morning.  
I: So you don't know anything about what's on there? 
BD: No.  I'm waitin for answers.  
I:  And is this, would it suprise you if there was child porn on there? 
BD: Yea.
I:  Why?
BD"  That's, you just don't want to be associated with that stuff or anybody who could've. I don't know how it would've got on there or I don't know what it is.  So...
I:  So that kind of thing is not of typical nature for you or Shawn? 
BD:  No.  
I:  And whose computer is it?  
BD:   Umm.  I guess the one they took out of his mom's house. And again I don't know what all was on that computer or who all has been on it either.  
I: And so, I mean, does this come as a shock to you or how do you really feel about the findings?
BD: It's definitely a shock and I think  I guess I need a lot of answers and  a lot of things cleared up.  
I:  And to clear that up are you going to asl Shawn about it or are you going to go to the police? What are you going to do?  
BD:  I've talked to him about it a little bit. I'll talk to Shawn about it more and probably talk to one of the investigators.  
I: And you said you talked to Shawn a little bit about it. What did he say? 
BD:  That, of course, he didn't put anything like that on there.  
I:  And, so, like I said, there was all kinds of wierd stuff, well, I shouldn't say wierd, there's interesting stuff on  there.  Do you think that that could pertain to the case at all?  
BD:  No. 
I:  And the findings on there, would you say those are completely out of character for Shawn, and why or why not?
BD:  That's definitely out of character for him.  I've known him for a while and I've never known him to be into anything like that, or we wouldn't have a relationship.  
I:  So, overall, I mean, just from what you've heard, from the articles, from that kind of thing, what are you feeling on everything?
BD:  Umm. It's a lot to take in and like I said, I still hadn't got to talk to investigators about it and I just need to find some truths to see what's really goin on.  I just don't know enough about it yet.  
I:  And you said you were going to talk to Shawn a little bit more about it. What are you going to ask him?    
BD:  Umm.  I don't know. I know he's told me he hadn't put anything like that on that memory stick. 
I:  And, if it's not coming from him where could it be coming from?  
BD:   I don't know.  
I: So, I mean, the computer was found at his house, you obviously don't want to say anything bad about anybody, but I was just kind of wondering where it would come from and is that something typical for them or I'm just kind of tryin to see where it's coming from. 
BD:  No. I don't think it's typical for anybody I know well.  
I:  Do you think these findings could possibly bring us any closer to Hailey or what happened? 
BD: No. I still don't think it has anything to do with Hailey.  
I:  And so you are pretty certain that the child porn, the bestiality, that stuff has nothing to do with Shawn?  
BD:     Yes.  
I:  And why are you so confident on that? 
BD: Umm.  Just because I know him well.  
I:  And he's not that type of person?   
BD:  Right. 
I:  Tell me just a little bit about what type of a person is he? 
BD:  Umm.  He's nice.  He's kind. He's caring.   I've certainly never seen anything like that in him. 
I: So to have these accusations even which is the child porn, that's got to be a lot to take in, I mean how do you feel overall about that? 
BD:  Umm.  (It's/he's) pretty upset about it.  Like I said, I've just got to talk to people and get things cleared up.  
I:  Is there anything else you want to say about the investigation, about the latest findings?  Anything at all?
BD:  No and there still hadn't been anything new with the investigation. 
I: And, now these findings, was the memory card that was found in your guyses bedroom, right? 
BD:  Yes.
I: And so is, I mean, I don't want to get into personal business or anything like that, but is that something common for you guys or is this a complete shock to you?
BD:  I don't know what was on that one personally.  I don't know what was on just that alone, what was on the computer. I don't have any answers yet. 
I:  And, so, needless to say, it's suprising to you?
BD: Yea. 
I:  Tell me just a little bit about that, how, you know, you have no idea where it came from and how much of a suprise it is to you.
BD: Well, I just got a call from Nancy Grace's show this morning wanting to talk to me about it and I had to tell them the same thing. I had no clue about it. I called one of the law enforcement and they said they would be able to talk to me later on.
I: So at this point there's just really nothing?
BD:  Right.
I: Can you tell me just how suprising it is and how out of character for both of you it is?
BD: Wha, of course it's just very out of character and no I had no idea.  I still don't know what was found just on the memory stick so I really can't say how I feel about that. 
I:  Can you tell me just how shocking it is to kind of have these accusations even out there?
BD: It's just really upsetting

Billie Jean Dunn Responds to Child Porn Found in her House


Original RAW video

Tatro: Alright now, I kind of had some tough questions for you We just got affidavits released about the computer and everything. The memory stick that was confiscated and apparently according to the affidavits there was a bunch of pornographic stuff and deviant acts. What can you tell us about that?

BJD: umm.. I ha'n't seen any of it and I ha'n't got to talk to investigators yet, to find out what it is.  The computer wa'n't here, the memory stick was brought over here. That I've never used either them or looked at either them, so I don't know what was on it.

Tatro: The memory stick was brought over by who?

BJD: Shawn

Tatro: Is that Shawn's stuff, where is it coming from?

BJD: <Tongue click> Well the computer's not his, that memory stick was. And I don't know what was found on just that.

Tatro: And according to Sheriff Toombs, there is child porn on their and bestiality?

BJD: and I don't know anything about it. I don't have any facts yet are haven't got to talk to anybody yet. I heard the story come out this morning.

Tatro: So you don't know anything about what was on there?

BJD: no, I'm waiting for answers

Tatro: Would it surprise you if there's child porn on there?

BJD: yeah

Tatro:  Why?

BJD: That's, You just don't wanna be associated with that stuff or anybody who could've, I don't know how it would've got on there or I don't know what it is. So…

Tatro:  That kind of thing is not a typical nature for you or Shawn ?

BJD: no

Tatro:  and whose computer is it?

BJD: umm..I guess the one they took out of his mom's house and again I don't know what all was on that computer or who all has been on it either.

Tatro:  Does this come as a shock to you. How do you really feel about the findings?

BJD: It's definitely a shock. And I think I just need a lot of answers and a lot of things cleared up.

Tatro:  And to clear that up Are you going to ask. Shawn about it or the police about it. What are you going to do?

BJD:I've talked to him about it a little bit, I'll talk to Shawn about it more.  and probably talk to one of the investigators.

Tatro:  You said you talked to Shawn about it a little bit, what did he say? What did he say that.

BJD: <Tongue click> Of course he didn't put anything like that on there.

Tatro:  And so there was all kinds of weird stuff, shouldn't say weird, interesting stuff on there, do you think that can pertain to the case at all?


Tatro:  Are the findings on their are these things completely out of character for Shawn ?

BJD: It's definitely out of character for him. I've known him for a while, and I've never known him to be into anything like that, or we wouldn't have a relationship.

Tatro:  Overall, and just from what you've heard from the articles, from that kind of thing what are you feeling on everything?

BJD:umm.. It's a lot to take in. And like I said I still hadn't got to talk to  investigators about it. And I just want to find some truths, see what's really going on. I just don't know enough about it yet

Tatro:  You said you were gonna talk to Shawn a little bit more about it. What are you going to ask him?

BJD: umm.. I don't know. I know he's told me he hadn't put anything like that on that memory stick.

Tatro:  If it's not coming from him. Where could be coming from ?.

BJD: I don't know

Tatro:  The computer was found at his mom's house. You obviously don't want to say anything bad about anybody but I'm just wondering where it could come from, is that even typical?

BJD: No, I don't think it's typical for anybody I know well.

Tatro:  Do you think these findings could find us any closer to Hailey, or what happened?

BJD: No, I s.., I still think it has anything to do with Hailey.

Tatro:  You are pretty certain that the child porn bestiality that stuff has nothing to do with Shawn?

BJD: yes

Tatro:  why are you so confident on that?

BJD: umm.. just because I know him well

Tatro:  and he's not that type of person?

BJD: Right.

Tatro:  Tell us what kind of person is he?

BJD: umm.. He's nice.  He's kind. He's caring. I've certainly never seen anything like that in him.

Tatro: So to have these accusations of child porn have to be a lot to take in on how do you feel feel about that?

BJD: Pretty upset about it. Like I said I just got to talk to people and get things cleared up.

Tatro:  Is there anything else you want to say about the investigation, the latest findings, anything at all?

BJD: No, and there's still ha'n't been anything new about the investigation.

Tatro:  There was a memory card that was found in your bedroom, right?

BJD: yes.

Tatro:  Don't want to get into personal business or anything like that. But is that something that's common for you guys versus a complete shock to you?

BJD: I don't know what was on that one personally. I don't know what was on just that alone what was on the computer. I don't have any answers yet

Tatro: And so needless to say it's surprising to you ?

BJD: yeah

Tatro:  tell me just a little bit about that, tell me how much of a surprise it is to you ?

BJD: Well I just got a call from Nancy Grace's show this morning wanting to talk to me about it and I had to tell them the same thing. I had no clue about it.umm.. I called one of the law enforcement and they said they would be able to talk with me later on.

Tatro:  at this point there's just really nothing?

BJD: Right

Tatro:  Can you tell me just how surprising it is and just how out of character it is for both of you?

BJD: Of course it's just very out of character. And no, I had no idea. I still don't know what was found just on the memory stick so I really can't say how I feel about that .

Tatro: can you tell me just how shocking it is to kind of have these accusations out there ?

BJD: It's just really upsetting.

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Connie Jones and Mary Cooper for Hailey Dunn on BringThemHomeNow Radio - Feb-23-2011

Connie Jones, Clint Dunn's mother and grandmother of Hailey Dunn
Mary Lajohnna Cooper, daughter of Connie, sister of Clint, aunt of Hailey

Transcript of their talk on "Bringing Them Home Now" BlogTalkRadio on February 23, 2011

[Note: All Host comments are abbreviated.
Also, mother of Billie Jean Dunn, grandmother of Hailey - is also named Connie (Ostrander)]

[Timestamp 53:16]

Host: What is Mary's relation to you?

Connie: She's my daughter, Clint's sister.

Host: Clint is your son?

Connie: Yes, Sir, Yes, ma'am,

Host: Hailey Dunn is missing in Texas and she's been missing since December 27 and Hailey is Clint's daughter and Billie Dunn's daughter. And you are Hailey Dunn's grandmother?

Connie: Yes

Host: Tell everyone what Hailey did to your bedroom walls?

Connie: Okay. When Clint was living living here she would go downstairs, and she wrote on my, on my wall with a fluorescent writing and it glows in the dark and she put HDD on there. And I stare at when I,  at night until it disappears. It's just so like Hailey to do something like that and I will never, ever get rid of it.

Host: Tell us about when Hailey was born?

Connie: Oh, She was so beautiful. When, when she was born. There was only two people allowed in there besides Billie and I wasn't one of them. So I was trying to peek underneath the curtain and the nurse closed the door on us, on my daughter and I. But she was a beautiful baby. She was, she was funny person. She just, when she crawled, the way she crawled, it was just so special. We really miss..

Host: What day was Hailey born?

Connie: August 27, 1997 , I mean August 28, 1997. I'm sorry.

Host : Were there a lot of people in the hospital?

Connie: You know, I really don't know. I was just so <laughter muffles words>

Host: The two grandmothers were there at the hospital?

Connie: No the other grandmother, she wasn't there but my daughter Mary was there and her great-aunt Teresa was there and Clint and of course Billie.

Host: Is Mary sitting there with you?

Connie: Yes.

Host: Mary, What was your experience with Hailey you being her aunt?

Mary: I would treat her just like my daughters. My daughters are just a little bit older than she is and we would go off ourselves, and we would go to McDonald's and I'd tell her not to tell anybody, was just between me and her. We'd go someplace and eat it. I would, I would treat her just like one of my daughters. And I miss her so much.

Host: Connie I went to fast forward and talk about the day Hailey went missing and what was going through your mind and what you were doing that day?

Connie: My daughter was here, her and and her husband and her youngest son, and they were getting ready to leave, going back to Oklahoma, and Clint had called me and asked me if I would come over there and ask, take them to the store because they didn't have a vehicle and I said as soon as Lajohnna left I would go over there. So they left about 1:30 and I went over there and then I passed by Billie's house and I didn't see Hailey or anything or I would've stopped and umm.. Clint didn't feel good that day. His back was hurting so he took care of the two kids. While I took Naomi to the store and then I helped him take the groceries out and I then I passed by Hailey's again. It was around 3:30, something like that, and I still I didn't pay any attention if there was a vehicle there or  anything and but I didn't see Hailey, and I went on home, and  then I didn't hear anything else until the next day that Hailey was missing, and her grandmother called me and told me that she was missing, and we went, Connie and I went over there. I'll never forget that day. I mean it was just terrible.

[Timestamp: 1:00:24]

Host: Tell us what happened when you went over there, What did you see and experience?

Connie: Well when we got to Billie's house, we walked in and Billie and Shawn was on the couch and there was some girls there. I don't know who they were and we just, there was a policewoman in Hailey's bedroom and we went back there and we talked to her a few minutes and we looked at Hailey's room and umm.. She was searching it. I guess  to see if there were any clues of where she might be and, and then I, I left and went over to Clint's and you can see Billie's house from Clint's back door so I just stood there in the window in the kitchen and just stared at over there, you know, over there, she would come home while I was staring, and then Clint was standing there behind me just staring there.

Host: What was Clint's demeanor at that time?

Connie: He was, He was upset, he was really upset. He, he, he, He was just walking the floor and everything, and they had no communication because their telephone had been cut off and, and they didn't have any communication to get in touch with anybody and I, I stayed there a little bit and then things started happening that shouldn't have happened.

Host: Can you say what that is?

Connie: He got arrested.

Host: Who got arrested and what happened?

Connie: Clint got arrested . Then umm.. He wasn't following the law of .. probation. He was on probation. He hadn't called or got in touch with his probation officer and they arrested him and then, then the results of that, they got kicked out of their house. So I told him that they could come over here and, and everything.

Host: Then you drove by Hailey's house on the day that she went missing and I believe you said 3 PM correct?

Connie: It was between three and 3:30 it was probably closer to 3:30.

Host: What were you thinking?

Connie: Well I was thinking about, I should stop and see if Hailey wanted to come over because I had asked her when she was here Christmas if she wanted to help me start Christmas for next year – she said "Sure!" and I was going to teach her how to sew and we were gonna make some blankets, some quilts for her dad and her mom and my daughter, and out of old shirts of the kids was what we were gonna make them out of, and she was really excited about that. I was gonna teach her how to sew and stuff and she would really like coming over here.

Host: Did she spend a lot of time at your house ?

Connie: Well her dad lived here. She was here almost every week, and, and she'd been here a few days and then she'd start missing Billie and she'd want to go home and then she come back in a few days and then she'd go home. That's the way, the deal they had, I guess. And umm.. And she equally missed her mom and she equally missed Clint, I mean it was her mother and her father and the whole time that they had been broke up, she's always wanted them to go back together.

Host: How would you respond to the idea that Hailey left home because of Naomi? She didn't want her father to be with Naomi?

Connie: Well, before the baby was born, before Clint and Naomi's baby was born, Hailey was very jealous of Naomi - and she did tell me, she says that I know that Naomi is trying to take my dad away for me and everything. And after the baby was born, she seemed better. She wasn't just, She never was jealous of that baby, she loved that baby. Naomi told me that she come over there just to hold the baby the whole time that she was there and she, I mean she'd, she was doing better with Naomi then when they first started out and everything. And I could relate to that because my little sister was born when I was 15 so ha ha I know how it is to be jealous of the baby when you was the baby for 15 years.

Host: About the money. There was an account set up for Hailey donations and the money in there was no longer in there a lot of people were pointing the finger at you. Please address that?

Connie: The only account that I know was the "Chipin" that went to a "PayPal" and I had no access to it at all and it went into Clint's checking account every penny of it went into Clint's checking account, and I think he still got some money in there from the "Chipin" and..

Host: You had nothing to do with that money?

Connie: No ma'am I didn't and I still don't. I mean my daughter and my son-in-law, they set it up for Clint and that's the only account that I know about if there's any others, I don't know anything about em.

Host: There is another person of interest. You know who that person is, could you explain that please?

Connie: well The other person of interest is my oldest son, Brian Glasco. And he and hemade some remarks last year umm.. before he moved from here, about Hailey and Billie and I haven't heard any other thing that has said because right now, were not talking to each other and umm..

Host: What did he say to Hailey and Billie?

Connie: well him, the guy who told me that, he said that, He said it to Clint and it was only about Billie, something about getting a hammer and hitting her in the head or something.

Host: Didn't he also threaten Hailey?

Connie: Not according to Clint. But somebody else had told me that.

Host: Why would he have said that about Billie and Hailey?

Connie: umm..well Hailey umm.. I assume, I wasn't here, I was in Oklahoma, but Hailey I guess was here, and I guess she saw some things that she, that she shouldn't of saw, and she told her mom and her mom turned Brian in and Brian was mad about it.

Host: Was he being turned in for drugs?

Connie: Yes, ma'am.

Host: Where has your son, Brian been? Do you know his whereabouts when Hailey went missing?

Connie: umm..he was in Corning, California

Host: So he has been accounted for ?

Connie: Yes.

Host: He's back in jail in Houston?

Connie: That's what I heard. I I I mean, that's what I told to Naomi. I haven't heard it from any official person so I don't know but I have my little sister checking in on it in California. He knows Brian's dad and Brian's little sister's mother. He knows them and she's checking in on it for me. If anybody knows it would be Brian's dad he'll know.

Host: Has he ever been incarcerated in Corning, or Red Bluff, California?

Connie: No, I don't think so

Host: You said that he's been incarcerated for drugs?

Connie: I don't think he's ever been incarcerated for drugs . It's just other things . I don't think it's never been for drugs.

Host: Has Brian been known to grow marijuana?

Connie: In California. Cuz it's legal to grow it out there. You can grow it and sell it to the pharmacies to the pharmaceutical places out there. He has a little card saying that he can, it's legal for him to smoke it and stuff so..

Host: What was it that Hailey saw that might have got got her into trouble or scared her?

Connie: I really don't know. Like I said I wasn't here. I had spent some time up at, to see my daughter's house in Oklahoma and when I come home, that's when everything was told to me - so I really, I assumed it was some kind of drug. I don't know.

Host: Are there any other people of interest at this time?

Connie:umm.. Besides Brian and Shawn? There's somebody that I suspect..

Host: Who's that?

[Timestamp 1:12:14]

Connie: Patricia Trishel

Host: Who is that?

Connie: Naomi's mother, my son' s girlfriend's mother, Patricia Trishel

Host: And why do you suspect that?

Connie: Because she told me last year that when she got into this money she was gonna be getting she would put a hit out on Billie Jean, Naomi's ex-mother-in-law and, some other person and to hurt, hurt somebody real bad taken the..<Background noise> Taking Billie's daughter would hurt Billie more than anything else

Host: Why would Patricia want to hurt Billie

Connie: You just have to know her to know why, she's a very confused woman

Host: That's Naomi's mother ?

Connie: yes

Host: Does Patricia not like Hailey

Connie: I guess she does now. From what I can gather, she's been gone over to Billie's house every day associating with her. I don't know for sure because I haven't talked to Billie in quite some time, but that's what I've heard Tricia has been going over there to Billie and, Billie's house.

Host: Do you think that Tricia could hurt somebody?

Connie: Yeah.

Host: Would she have a motive to hurt Hailey?

Connie: Not hurt Hailey, but the hurt Hailey she could  hurt Billie Jean. And then Hailey would get into her pickup with her because Hailey would consider her as a friend.

Host: What you think happened ?

Connie: well, I think that, I mean, yes, I do because I mean, Patricia could've done something but I still think it was Shawn. I think that after he got back home that morning, he did something because she wasn't seen outside of the house. She wasn't seen walking down the road or anything so I that's what I figure and that's what I told people I figured Shawn did something with her.

Host: I just spoke to Trish today and I just want to push out there some truisms about Trish that she has been very involved in this case and she is in Midland, Right now spending the night and putting flyers up. She's heavily involved in the search part of this.

Host: Your true belief is that Shawn did this correct?

Connie: Yes, ma'am

Host: What do you believe happened with Shawn that day?

Connie: I believe that after he quit his job, he went home and maybe molested her or raped her, and knowing my granddaughter there's no way that she was going to keep quiet about it. Period. I mean she's openly verbal, Hailey is, and I figured he had to shut her up.

Host: Do you think he killed her in the house?

Connie: Well, I know, I know a little bit about stuff like that because I have watched a bit of TV, and a lot of that's not true and stuff. If you try and choke somebody you're not gonna have too much evidence. There's not going to be any blood and nobody's checked him for any scratches or anything and they would be healed by now. And I think at the time that he started talking again to the media, I think that he had already went and moved Hailey's body what he could find of it because it was long enough time that the varmints could've already took Hailey's bones and buried them. And I figured that the only thing that was there were maybe her teeth. If her teeth, because now dogs and animals will eat the teeth, would be her hair and I figured that he took it, somewhere. That's my, that's me. That's how I, I am figuring things out, but I'm hoping and praying that I am wrong.
And if I am wrong then I will be the first one to apologize to Shawn Adkins. and him hoping and praying that I am wrong and hoping that she's just out having a party and she wants to come home, but she's afraid to come home because of all this media stuff. I am hoping that that's what the deal is

Host: Do you think there's any way that Brian would've hired someone to take or hurt Hailey

Connie: He has no money, he can't. He can't work, he hurt his leg in 05 and he's unable to work and he's not on any kind of SSI or anything. And him, he's not able to work. The only money that he has coming in is what he does sell with the pot in California. That's the only money that he has. He has no automobile and he can't get his drivers license unless he pays a heavy fine out here so I don't think he'd have anybody that would do this for him because I don't think anybody owes him a favor.

Host: Has he taken a polygraph?

Connie:I don't know. I haven't heard from Brian since May.

Host: There's a rumor that you paid his bail release money?

Connie: Brian's? No, no, no I, no I didn't. This time. No ma'am I didn't, I didn't pay his bail. Because I don't even know for sure if he's in jail or still in jail. I don't know when, I wouldn't have the money anyway. I just get Social Security and that's very little. And I don't have the money and I wouldn't. I mean Brian is the type of person he tells me "Mom. I got myself in trouble, don't send me any money. Don't get me out. I will get out eventually." He would always mention he never wanted me to send any money when he was locked up. Never did. And I would send him 20, $30 every now and then and he would get mad at me for sending it to him.

Host: What are you doing as a family to get the message out there about Hailey?

[Timestamp 1:21:00]

Connie: This is all for Hailey. Well, Mary and I went out and searched a few times and we, we drove around quite a bit and, and we helped with the flyers, and her husband and her are the one who got that "Chipin" account, ehem, excuse me, account for them and I am always on the computer. Physically I'm not able to just get out there and do anything because I've been pretty sick here the last 10 years, I guess you'd say. umm.. I do everything I can right here at the house and stuff and keeping up with Clint stuff and making sure that he's got a positive attitude himself. You know. Trying to be brave for him because Hailey's my first point of view and Clint is my second. I mean, them two is who I focus on and only them two. Everybody else can take care of themselves -they're alive and we know where they're at. I don't want Clint, I don't want Clint to, to forget what he needs to focus on right now. I don't want him to lose it.

Host: Clint is on TV saying that Shawn was innocent. How do you feel about that?

Connie: Well Clint, he don't wanna believe that, that his wife would bring a, a, a person like that into his kid's life . You know. Like nobody would want to do that, you know, and I'm sure Billie don't even, and Billie don't want to believe that, that she had possibly put her kids in danger with somebody and umm.. but Clint is told me. He told me Everybody's a suspect, everybody's a suspect until we find my daughter.

Host: What is your perception of Billie not showing emotion. Has she always been this way?

Connie: Well, I've seen her cry over and over wanting Clint back and everything and you know. Tears can get you just about anything. But her mother is my best friend and she told me that she's spent many nights over there since this is happened at Billie's house and she said she'd hear Billie almost all night long in that bed crying and crying and crying and crying. And umm..She said she didn't know what to do. She said Because if she went in there She'd start crying. And then they'd never shut up. She said every night Billie cried.

I know that this I, I know she loves that little girl, it's got a be tearing her up . And I don't know if she knows, might know something and maybe Shawn threatened her to not say anything. I don't know. I know that she, he threatened her before and I know that she's been scared of him before because she came over here to my house to spend the night because she said she was afraid of Shawn.

Host: Why was she afraid of Shawn? What happened?

Connie: I, I, I don't really know. I think it was something to do with his ex-girlfriend, because Billie said that he held her hostage, held his ex-girlfriend hostage or something, threatened her and stuff. I don't even know who the woman is or I would try to get a hold of her myself.

Host: Has he been known to violently hurt people?

Connie: umm..He threatened me and my son! And the police down here in Snyder, Texas, they know that because they come over here and listen to the tape - it was on my answering machine and he threatened both Clint and I.

Host: What did he say?

Connie: He said he was going to get a gun and come over here and kill everybody in my house and he was going to get me and Clint at the time. He felt that Clint and  Billie Jean were still seeing each other. Clint was through with her. He didn't, He didn't want her anymore.

Host: What do you say when she says that he could never hurt anybody?

Connie: I don't know what she means about that. I mean , you put the right weapon in somebody's hand and they can hurt somebody.

Host: She said it to us

Connie: … And they can hurt somebody whether accidentally or on purpose and he came over here one night and him and Clint got into a fight in my front yard and umm.. Well Clint he's been into martial arts for a while and he just put the man to sleep on my front yard and he woke up and went out, went over to his car and he was fooling around in his backseat. The cops arrested him and he had a club back there with nails all the way through it, all the way through it. I guess he was going to get the club and try and kill Clint. I don't know. But the cops took the club so they still have the club down at the police station and I'm sure they didn't release it to him. Cuz it was a weapon.

Host: So you saw him threaten Clint with the club with the nails in it?

Connie: Well, no, he had the club. It was still in the car. But they did get into a fight in the front yard.  and David was here, Clint son, and him, Connie, my friend, she was here. All the neighbors were around and everything. And it.. David was just beyond himself. I was trying to calm David down so I didn't get to see much of the fight or anything because I was trying to calm my grandson down. I mean he was just a crying, he just kept telling, Shawn's gonna hurt his dad. Well Shawn never hurt Clint, I think he might've barely touched him, barely hit them or something, but Clint said he didn't even hurt him.

Host: Who was Hailey afraid of?

[Timestamp 1:28:08]

Connie: She told me that when her and Billie, when him and Billie first got together, she said she didn't like Shawn. She said she was afraid of Shawn.

Host: Mary, what do you think of Billie and Shawn?

Mary: Well, probably the same as everybody else. I mean, because I just don't understand how she can just sit over there and… with him…

Host: Explain that?

Mary: Well, he's a suspect. And he's living there with her and she does not have any of her kids now because of him and…

Host: How do you feel about Shawn and Billie living together?

Mary: I don't like it. It infuriates me. Because he's a suspect and I just don't understand why he, why she's putting him first and I mean if she would tell us the reason why I would understand it but she doesn't talk to us. So it just infuriates me that she is with her and she's with him and there's ..where's Hailey? I mean..

Host: What do you believe happened to Hailey?

Mary: <Long pause> I have, I have all kinds of things going through my head all the time. I don't want to think about… I hope she's safe.. Somewhere. I just don't want to think about the other things. I mean..

Host: What is your intuition?

Mary: I don't believe she ran away. She didn't take anything. I mean 13-year-old's their stuff is there life. umm.. She didn't take anything. She didn't. I don't think she'd run away. Something happened to her. Somebody has her and that's what I think happened. I think somebody has her, something happened to her because I don't think she ran away.

Host: do you believe that the disappearance of Hailey Dunn has to do with drugs?

Mary: Quite possibly, yes. That is a possibility.

Host: Do you believe that it is in relation to the Elizabeth Ennen case in any way?

Mary: No

Host: Connie what happened Christmas?

Connie: Well, we had a dinner and umm.. Right after the dinner umm.. Billie brought the two kids over here so they could open their presents and umm.. They opened their presents, and thanked everybody for their presents and me and Hailey and David went into the kitchen and asked me if they can have a piece of pie and I said they can have anything they wanted. So I fixed them a piece of pie and a piece of bread that I had made. And they were sitting there eating it and Hailey and I were talking about what we were gonna do this coming year and umm..David was talking about his games and football and all the stuff that he, that he does and everything. Billie,umm.. come up, She came into the house and she picked the baby up hugged the baby and Billie hugged me, told the kids that it was time to go and she was standing at the door and she motioned for Shawn to come up to the door and umm.. I got this little dog,  well  he's, he's not a little dog, I've got this dog and he was right here beside me. But when Shawn appeared in the door the dog stood up and I noticed that Judge was watching Shawn, wouldn't take his eyes off of him. Shawn moved and the hair stood up on Judge's back. I had to grab his collar because I was sure he was going to go attack him.

Host: How is David doing? Are you able to see him?

Connie: Yeah, he's come over. Him and Clint and Isaiah and my other grandson, Jared are in that. What is it? That karate thing? David loves it. That's his ambition to be an ultimate fighter, MMA or something like that and he is really into that. And he comes over here and we don't talk about anything. We don't talk about Hailey at all. All I'm, I want him to bring it up. I'm not gonna be the one to bring it up. So if he wants to talk about it. We'll talk about it but I'm not to be the one. I'm not gonna ask no questions or anything because I do not want him upset anymore than he's been upset and he's just 16. And I know this must be bearing down on his little mind, and it's like the other day we did IQ tests and he's mad at himself as he only got 117 IQ and he thinks he is stupid and I told him that's pretty good for a 16-year-old, but I know it's bothering him that he, he comes over here.. He loves Clint, and they go in there and they play their PlayStation and games and stuff like that. He just loves being around Clint and me, he loves me and he loves being around me, but he would rather be around his dad then anyone in this house.

Host: How does he feel about Shawn and Billie's situation?

Connie: A while back a preacher come over and David and Clint come in and the preacher asked David how we felt about Shawn and he said that he didn't like Shawn because Shawn was mean to his mom, that's David's words, not mine.

Host: Is he able to go over and see Billie at all right now?

Connie: I don't know, His uncle Roger, who was Billie's brother takes him to school and picks him up. I don't know where he's at from the time he's out of school until Roger gets off work at five. I assume that he's at Billie's house. I don't know. I haven't asked him or anything. I have asked him how his mom is and he says, he told me the other day. "I guess she's all right. I haven't seen her in a while." So I don't know, you know.

Host: Billie said she is not the one who carved "Tap Out" into David skin. Who was the one who put that into David skin?

Connie: Well I wasn't here when it was done. And that's what infuriated Clint was when he was, when he wanted to get custody of Hailey and umm.. Hailey told me that her mom did it. That's what Hailey told me. I haven't asked David for it, about it or anything, and I heard that it was carved in with a circumcision tool. That's what I heard.

Host: What's happening now with the search for Hailey?

Connie: There was a massive search on Saturday and Sunday. I think and they had dinner here Saturday in Snyder at the Legion. No results of the search or anything. I think not this weekend, but next weekend there's more searchers are going to come in and that may be that got the Amber alert going. What's her names on it? Kathy, Carrie? She was here, yes, Carrie she was here and she talked a lot, with Clint and everything .and then this weekend. Clint and Billie are going to Dallas for, to talk, to talk to a bunch of people in a stadium or something. I don't know right now. Clint. She showed him how to make some banners, and how to get things done and everything she showed him a lot of things to do and he's been doing it for the last couple of days and getting out there and getting more flyers done, better flyers, and a banner. He's gonna get a banner done and everything. Clint's gonna keep this open until Hailey comes home. I can guarantee you that, that this is his life mission right now and he, he also wanted me to give everybody a website. If I can find it. Here it is: It's not a discussion site or anything, and it's.. Him and Billie are the ones who got the site going. I don't know what kind of site it is. I haven't been on it or anything. Clint just gave it to me a little while ago and he just wanted me to tell everybody about it on your show.

Host: How is Clint doing?

Connie: Well.. He almost broke down today just a little bit ago and umm..I don't know how he's gonna do if he's gonna make a speech down there because Clint's not a speaker and basically, he Clint, is a very shy person and I told him I said, you know, that breaking down is not the worst thing you can do. I said showing emotion shows that you do care. I said, I said, from what the things that people are saying about Billie they want to see emotion. These people want to see emotion. That's why they're ragging on Billie because they don't see any emotion. I said they see you doing things but they actually don't see you having any emotion. I said you have. I said, here you have. I've seen you in the backyard. Put your, put your face in your hands and cry and I see him do that all the time. Sitting back there in the middle of the yard. And I know it's tearing him up. I know it is because my little sister went missing, but we found her and that tore me up, and that was just my little sister.

Host: Why do you think it's so important that Shawn, on "BringThemHomeNow"?

Connie: I think he needs to. I think Shawn needs to talk about it. I think he needs to clear the air and let his voice be out there, let his voice be known, let him express his reasoning, his point of view about things. You know. I'd, I'd sure I know he has to get approval of his lawyer and everything, I don't want to have these feelings about Shawn. I really don't. I don't like these feelings about Shawn. But nobody's seen her walking around or anything that day and then it's like poof, she just poof, and into thin air and she's gone and it's, to me, it just points to Shawn,and he needs to clear things up. He needs to clear things up with why he went back to Ccity that morning.? Why did he quit his job that day of all days?

Host: if Hailey is out there. Could you please talk to your granddaughter and your niece.

Connie: Hailey my darling, we need you to come home. You are missed and loved so much. If you are able to call me, call collect at any time. I will be here to take your call. If anybody will be here to take your call. If you, if you don't have a way, call me collect. And she's not in any kind of trouble or anything. The law's not going to prosecute her or anything for running away, being gone. We just want her home.

Host: .. and Mary?

Connie: She can't, She can't say anything right now.

Connie: Can I say something else. If her grandmother, Connie was here. She would say the same thing. She wants that little girl home so much. I mean she's just when we were talking to each other. We just, we just cry on each other's arms. She spent the night here and we would, we would just cry together, we would ride around. We just cried all the time. It's killing us. We just want some, something to hold onto. We want, We want our baby back is what we want and I know Hailey. I hope Billie Jean wants her back. And If anybody knows anything, please call the Colorado City police.

Host: Connie could you reach out to the people who know what happened to Hailey I want you to talk to them. What do you have to say to them?

Connie: Please let her go. Bring her home. Let her off at a bus stop. I'll go get her, just, you know, anything, the longer that you keep her the harder it's gonna be on you. If somebody is hiding her at her request its still gonna be hard on you. She needs to come home and we would do anything for her. If she, we will let her live anywhere. I will move to California. Hailey, if you want to come home. We can go out there, we can stay. We can live on the beach. I know somebody that lives on the beach. I know you want that so bad, I would do that for you, my darling, I love you so much. Just if anybody has got her,  have a conscience and let her come home. I mean I would trade places with her anytime because I'm old and she's just starting your life. And we just want her home. Everybody wants her home.

[Timestamp 1:46:50]

Host: I applaud you for having the strength and courage to come on and to open your hearts and your world and to share everything you know with the listeners.

Connie: Can I say something else that Clint wanted me to say? He wanted me to tell every parent out there. We always thought that it couldn't happen to us. We were nobody people. You know It happens to anybody. Your kids are not safe. They should be safe. This world is just getting so messed up. You need to hold your kids. Tell em that you love them all the time. Try not to be mean to em because they are your legacy. Just love em and watch em make sure that they don't get into a car with nobody. Make sure that they run and scream and holler, everything, just love your kids. I don't want anybody to be in this situation ever. It's a terrible situation and I don't, I don't want anybody to go through this pain.

Mary: Thank you for having us on.

Connie: Thank you very much, we have to keep up the search for every missing child, every missing person.

Host: Can you tell us about the event that Billie and Clint is attending this weekend in Dallas?

Connie: I don't, I don't know much about it. Clint is the type of person he thinks it will upset me so he don't tell me a lot of stuff so umm.. It's some kind of, I don't know some kind of rally down there for all missing children and stuff. I'm glad he's going because I'm sure it's going to be publicized and people are gonna know and he's making T-shirts and buttons and flyers, and he's going to pass them around down there and everything. And I've got my sister passing flyers around out there in California and I've, everybody. It's all over Facebook. She's out there on bulletin boards. The way people have come forth and helped us and everything. It's been so awesome, I love everybody.

Thank you so much for calling in. Good night, Connie. Good night Mary

Thank you

[Timestamp 1:54:45]

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amanda Knox - Gift to the Police - Nov 7th, 2007 - Transcript


This is very strange, I know, but really what happened is as confusing to me as it is to everyone else. I have been told there is hard evidence saying that I was at the place of the murder of my friend when it happened. This, I want to confirm, is something that to me, if asked a few days ago, would be impossible.

I know that Raffaele has placed evidence against me, saying that I was not with him on the night of Meredith's murder, but let me tell you this. In my mind there are things I remember and things that are confused. My account of this story goes as follows, despite the evidence stacked against me:

On Thursday November 1 I saw Meredith the last time at my house when she left around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Raffaele was with me at the time. We, Raffaele and I, stayed at my house for a little while longer and around 5 in the evening we left to watch the movie Amelie at his house. After the movie I received a message from Patrik [sic], for whom I work at the pub "Le Chic". He told me in this message that it wasn't necessary for me to come into work for the evening because there was no one at my work.

Now I remember to have also replied with the message: "See you later. Have a good evening!" and this for me does not mean that I wanted to meet him immediately. In particular because I said: "Good evening!" What happened after I know does not match up with what Raffaele was saying, but this is what I remember. I told Raffaele that I didn't have to work and that I could remain at home for the evening. After that I believe we relaxed in his room together, perhaps I checked my email. Perhaps I read or studied or perhaps I made love to Raffaele. In fact, I think I did make love with him.

However, I admit that this period of time is rather strange because I am not quite sure. I smoked marijuana with him and I might even have fallen asleep. These things I am not sure about and I know they are important to the case and to help myself, but in reality, I don't think I did much. One thing I do remember is that I took a shower with Raffaele and this might explain how we passed the time. In truth, I do not remember exactly what day it was, but I do remember that we had a shower and we washed ourselves for a long time. He cleaned my ears, he dried and combed my hair.

One of the things I am sure that definitely happened the night on which Meredith was murdered was that Raffaele and I ate fairly late, I think around 11 in the evening, although I can't be sure because I didn't look at the clock. After dinner I noticed there was blood on Raffaele's hand, but I was under the impression that it was blood from the fish. After we ate Raffaele washed the dishes but the pipes under his sink broke and water flooded the floor. But because he didn't have a mop I said we could clean it up tomorrow because we (Meredith, Laura, Filomena and I) have a mop at home. I remember it was quite late because we were both very tired (though I can't say the time).

The next thing I remember was waking up the morning of Friday November 2nd around 10am and I took a plastic bag to take back my dirty cloths to go back to my house. It was then that I arrived home alone that I found the door to my house was wide open and this all began. In regards to this "confession" that I made last night, I want to make clear that I'm very doubtful of the verity of my statements because they were made under the pressures of stress, shock and extreme exhaustion. Not only was I told I would be arrested and put in jail for 30 years, but I was also hit in the head when I didn't remember a fact correctly. I understand that the police are under a lot of stress, so I understand the treatment I received.

However, it was under this pressure and after many hours of confusion that my mind came up with these answers. In my mind I saw Patrik in flashes of blurred images. I saw him near the basketball court. I saw him at my front door. I saw myself cowering in the kitchen with my hands over my ears because in my head I could hear Meredith screaming. But I've said this many times so as to make myself clear: these things seem unreal to me, like a dream, and I am unsure if they are real things that happened or are just dreams my head has made to try to answer the questions in my head and the questions I am being asked.

But the truth is, I am unsure about the truth and here's why:

1. The police have told me that they have hard evidence that places me at the house, my house, at the time of Meredith's murder. I don't know what proof they are talking about, but if this is true, it means I am very confused and my dreams must be real.

2. My boyfriend has claimed that I have said things that I know are not true. I KNOW I told him I didn't have to work that night. I remember that moment very clearly. I also NEVER asked him to lie for me. This is absolutely a lie. What I don't understand is why Raffaele, who has always been so caring and gentle with me, would lie about this. What does he have to hide? I don't think he killed Meredith, but I do think he is scared, like me. He walked into a situation that he has never had to be in, and perhaps he is trying to find a way out by disassociating himself with me.

Honestly, I understand because this is a very scary situation. I also know that the police don't believe things of me that I know I can explain, such as:

1. I know the police are confused as to why it took me so long to call someone after I found the door to my house open and blood in the bathroom. The truth is, I wasn't sure what to think, but I definitely didn't think the worst, that someone was murdered. I thought a lot of things, mainly that perhaps someone got hurt and left quickly to take care of it. I also thought that maybe one of my roommates was having menstral [sic] problems and hadn't cleaned up. Perhaps I was in shock, but at the time I didn't know what to think and that's the truth. That is why I talked to Raffaele about it in the morning, because I was worried and wanted advice.

2. I also know that the fact that I can't fully recall the events that I claim took place at Raffaele's home during the time that Meredith was murdered is incriminating. And I stand by my statements that I made last night about events that could have taken place in my home with Patrik, but I want to make very clear that these events seem more unreal to me that what I said before, that I stayed at Raffaele's house.

3. I'm very confused at this time. My head is full of contrasting ideas and I know I can be frustrating to work with for this reason. But I also want to tell the truth as best I can. Everything I have said in regards to my involvement in Meredith's death, even though it is contrasting, are the best truth that I have been able to think.

[illegible section]

I'm trying, I really am, because I'm scared for myself. I know I didn't kill Meredith. That's all I know for sure. In these flashbacks that I'm having, I see Patrik as the murderer, but the way the truth feels in my mind, there is no way for me to have known because I don't remember FOR SURE if I was at my house that night. The questions that need answering, at least for how I'm thinking are:

1. Why did Raffaele lie? (or for you) Did Raffaele lie?
2. Why did I think of Patrik?
3. Is the evidence proving my pressance [sic] at the time and place of the crime reliable? If so, what does this say about my memory? Is it reliable?
4. Is there any other evidence condemning Patrik or any other person?
3. Who is the REAL murder [sic]? This is particularly important because I don't feel I can be used as condemning testimone [sic] in this instance.

I have a clearer mind that I've had before, but I'm still missing parts, which I know is bad for me. But this is the truth and this is what I'm thinking at this time. Please don't yell at me because it only makes me more confused, which doesn't help anyone. I understand how serious this situation is, and as such, I want to give you this information as soon and as clearly as possible.

If there are still parts that don't make sense, please ask me. I'm doing the best I can, just like you are. Please believe me at least in that, although I understand if you don't. All I know is that I didn't kill Meredith, and so I have nothing but lies to be afraid of.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Billie Jean Dunn Responds to Affidavits - Jan 12, 2011- Transcript


Original Video: Billie Jean Dunn responds to affidavits

BJD: First of all in there they pointed out about the horror movies we watch (making slashing motion with her hand) and crime stories we read. We just, we do. They did make me feel like.. That's strange. That's not .. original. Which I think it is. I think a lot of people watch horror films.  We have a whole lot of comedies. We watch mostly comedies. But they pointed that out, so just to get that clarified a little bit. umm

They also said I walked out after my polygraph, which is not true. I walked out about eight hours after the polygraph. After intense questioning, and thank God they've only done that questioning one time, but that lasted about 12 hours altogether that day, but about eight hours after that polygraph is when I finally got up and said, you know, you must not be any closer to findin my daughter when you are sittin here asking me where she is. and I think it was about midnight. I finally got up and I left.

Interviewer: so you didn't walk out in the middle of the polygraph?


Interviewer: okay, it also says that Shawn failed it and it alludes to the fact that you did too. What do you say to that?

BJD: yes. umm, I don't really know how to say anything to that. I don't know how to give those tests. I don't know anything about em. I know it made me lose a lot of faith in that test because they'd got me to put a lot of faith into that test. And I thought that was gonna hopefully get some focus somewhere which it didn't. <someone spits loudly>

Interviewer: (unintelligible, editor's best guess, probably not the interviewer talking). For so long, after much debate. In fact I thought I would talk to you.

BJD: and umm. Reading through all that it still gets them nowhere. We still have no answers. Umm

Interviewer: there's some other things in there I just wanted to address.  I want you to be able to address them. And one is that you purchased drugs in Snyder, or something like that.

BJD: No. I was just very upfront and open about the fact that umm was on pain medication and antibotics for a tooth, and I put that out there. (BJD begins counting drugs on her fingers.) And.. I don't know if we got them that night or we already had em, umm they gave me anti-anxiety medication a couple days after Hailey's disappearance and I had been taking that as well.

Interviewer: OK

BJD: So, no, like, street, drug, use.. 
(At exactly the moment BJD said "No" BJD slips her ring off her right ring finger and then back on.)

Interviewer: ..ever..

(BJD takes a distinctly long pause, shifts position, closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and responds)
BJD: No.. Never do that.

BJD: Umm, I think they said something about a New Year's Eve party, which is the furthest thing from the truth as well. I had.. I didn't even realize it was New Year's Eve, because that's not my concern. Umm An aunt and uncle and their grand-baby came down. We had them over and my two brothers from Snyder came over umm pretty much all day Friday. (BJD grooms her hair and strokes the side of her nose) They spent the night in Snyder at my brothers house and then they were here pretty much all day Saturday also, before they went back home. umm I've had a lot of family come in and stayin with me. They have just been really supportive,

Interviewer: so it was family that was over here on New Year's Eve. Simply supporting you. Okay

BJD: yeah, yup. (self-grooming)

Interviewer: Now, something else I wanted to ask you about. Yesterday on the KXS? newscast you alluded to the fact that you and Shawn had parted ways. Can you explain that to me

BJD: Yeah, Like I said, they'd put, had me put so much stress into that test and when he failed it.. I was fearin the worst, that he had hurt my daughter and umm I told police that were around that I didn't want him back at the house umm but after I failed it too, I just. (Hand rubbing back of neck) I don't know how to feel or what to think, but he's gonna stay at his grandma's house until this is cleared up because we dunno where she is or what happened and I'm not gonna rule out anything. The investigators can't rule out anything.

Interviewer: That's right. And it also says in there that they confiscated your car. Is that correct and I guess for forensic evidence and that sort of thing.

BJD: uh-hum, yeah, which I don't really understand because all our DNA is gonna be in there. (Self-grooming) But, Yeah.. I let em.. go ahead and take it, do what ever they need to do. Yameen, can't continue to be as cooperative as I can be.

("Yameen" - This slurred short phrase I listened to dozens of times, its not "I mean", "You mean", or "You know" and its definitely not just the word "I" The word "can't" is quite clear though.)

Interviewer: They took your Xbox? Is that right?

BJD: Yeah, they took my son's Xbox because umm Hailey was playin on it the night before she disappeared.

Interviewer: What about computers and that sort of thing

BJD: We don't have any computers.

Interviewer: Can you talk to me about, you know, they allude to the fact that there was a lot of cell phone use, they confiscated cell phones, obviously they pinged on the towers that were..

BJD: Yeah, (eye rubbing) Yeah they took.. which I'm not real sure about umm Monday morning on the 27th before I left to work I used the phone here in the house but I left the cell phone here. Shawn had his cell phone with him,  So that's all I know is that my cell phone should've been here all day long.

Interviewer: okay. Was Hailey using your cell..

BJD: yeah (nodding, gesturing)

Interviewer: phone perhaps?

BJD: Well, um yeah, that's why I left it here for the kids use it. A neighbor, who's not there now, but he did tell investigators he saw Hailey walkin around in my backyard on the phone at around lunchtime. (self-grooming, then eyebrow, then holds ear lobe)

Interviewer: okay, some of the things that are in here that Shawn told investigators. There's a statement about killing a deer  that he made to Mr Ostender.

BJD: One of my brothers (rubbing chin) it would've been

Interviewer: Ok, (BJD begins rubbing the back of her neck) and then he also told them he thought she was sexually active and drugs. And how does that make you feel?

BJD: ..and I don't know why.. I don't believe..  That upsets me a lot. I mean.. I don't.. I never.. had suspicions of that. (Neck rubbbing stops) I don't know why that was said. He never said that to me. That. I really can't speak for him, I haven't really talked to him,

Interviewer: You haven't? When was the last time you talked to him.

BJD: Probably two days ago . He'll just send a text message now and then. "I love y'all and I miss y'all." but we really don't talk.

Interviewer: Ok. And out of all of this what do you want people to know. That, you know where you are today, what do you want people to know after all this.

BJD: umm. Mainly I want people to know the fact is my 13-year-old daughter still missing, and that's what's most important. That's what people need to continue to focus on. That's what  we want them to continue to focus on. umm I hope people don't judge me by what was in there. I hope they hear my side of it because I don't want people thinking I'm a horrible person.

BJD: Umm..Because.. I've been open and honest about everything and I'm glad to get a chance to defend myself but the main thing is that Hailey's still not at home.

Interviewer: And if she were watching or reading this tonight What would you say to her?

BJD: Tell her how much I love her. Beg her to come back home. (licks lips) If you're out there, because you want to be out there. I need you home. I need to hear from you. I've got to know that you're safe. (only voice quaver in this interview occurs during word "safe") We can fix any problem that you have or that we have, that .. for whatever reason you would have left, we can fix it. I just miss her so much.

Interviewer: Have you had people calling you, just out of the clear blue sky, like they have Clint, with leads?

BJD: Yeah, not much umm, because in the beginning I was always adamant you have to call the police. They have to check it out even if you think it's something small, and probably doesn't matter, you have to call the police. It's their job to decide whether it's good info or not.

And if anybody wants to call in anonymously they can call 1-800-the-loss and be completely anonymous.

Interviewer: I think that's all I have. I appreciate you talking to us.

BJD: Ok. I appreciate you giving me a chance to defend myself also and to just to let everybody know the focus needs to continue to be the fact that Hailey's not at home yet.

Interviewer: There was one other thing.  we got some information that there is a, for lack of a better word, a slasher website that..someone has discovered that..

BJD: I think probably they're talking about. Shawn gets on

Interviewer: Shawn gets on

BJD: (nodding head, rubbing ear, pursed lips of disapproval)

Interviewer: and posts. and there were just some disturbing comments perhaps on there. You don't know about that?

BJD: I don't know anything about that. No. (still holding her ear, shaking her head and looking off into the distance.)


Hailey Dunn - Links to Affidavits on

The following have been moved to "Documents" in Hailey Dunn's Forum:

Car Affidavit
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Car Warrant

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Warrant to search Billie Jean's cell
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Cell Affidavit - Billie Jean
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Electronics Affidavit

Link at Scared Monkeys:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Amanda Knox - Letter Home , Nov 4th, 2007

This is an email for everyone, because id like to get it all out and
not have to repeat myself a hundred times like ive been having to do
at the police station. some of you already know some things, some of
you know nothing. what im about to say i cant say to journalists or
newspapers, and i require that of anone receiving this information as
well. this is m account of how i found my roommate murdered the
morning of friday, november 2nd.

The last time i saw meredith, 22, english, beautiful, funny, was when
i came home from spending the night at a friends house. It was the day
after halloween, thursday. I got home and she was still asleep, bu
after i had taken a shower and was fumbling around the kitchen she
emerged from her room with the blood of her costume (vampire) still
dripping down her chin. We talked for a while in the kitchen, how the
night went, what our plans were for the day. Nothing out of the
ordinary. then she went to take a shower and i began to start eating a
little while i waited for my friend (Raffaele-at whose house i stayed
over) to arrive at my house. He came right after i started eating and
he made himself some pasta. as we were eating together meredith came
out of the shower and grabbed some laundry or put some laundry in, one
or the other and returned into her room after saying hi to raffael.
after lunch i began to play guitar with raffael and meredith came out
of her room and went to the door. she said bye and left for the day.
it was the last time i saw her alive.

after a little while of playing guitar me and raffael went to his
house to watch movies and after to eat dinner and generally spend the
evening and night indoors. we didnt go out. the next morning i woke up
around 1030 and after grabbing my few things i left raffael's
appartment and walked the five minute walk back to my house to once
again take a shower and grab a chane of clothes. i also needed to grab
a mop because after dinner raffael had spilled a lot of water on the
floor of his kitchen by accident and didnt have a mop to clean it up.
so i arrived home and the first abnormal thing i noticed was the door
was wide open. here's the thingabout the door to our house: its
broken, in such a way that you have to use the keys to keep it closed.
if we dont have the door locked, it is really easy for the wond to
blow the door open, and so, my roommates and i always have the door
locked unless we are running really quickley to bring the garbage out
or to get something from the neighbors who live below us. (another
important piece of imformation: for those who dont know, i inhabit a
house of two stories, of which my three roommates and i share the
second story appartment. there are four italian guys of our age
between 22 and 26 who live below us. we are all wuite good friends and
we talk often. giacomo is especially welcome because he plays guitar
with me and laura, one of my roommates, and is, or was dating
meredith. the other three are marco, stefano, and ricardo.) anyway, so
the door was wide open. strange, yes, but not so strange that i really
thought anything about it. i assumed someone in the house was doing
exactly what i just said, taking out the trash or talking really
uickley to the neighbors downstairs. so i closed the door behind me
but i didnt lock it, assuming that the person who left the door open
would like to come back in. when i entered i called out if anyone was
there, but no one responded and i assumed that if anyone was there,
they were still asleep. lauras door was open which meant she wasnt
home, and filomenas door was also closed. my door was open like always
and meredith door was closed, which to me weant she was sleeping. i
undressed in my room and took a quick shower in one of the two
bathrooms in my house, the one that is right next to meredith and my
bedrooms (situated right next to one another). it was after i stepped
out of the shower and onto the mat that i noticed the blood in the
bathroom. it was on the mat i was using to dry my feet and there were
drops of blood in the sink. at first i thought the blood might have
come from my ears which i had pierced extrensively not too long ago,
but then immediately i know it wasnt mine becaus the stains on the mat
were too big for just droplets form my ear, and when i touched the
blood in the sink it was caked on already. there was also blood
smeered on the faucet. again, however, i thought it was strange,
because my roommates and i are very clean and we wouldnt leave blood
int he bathroom, but i assumed that perhaps meredith was having
menstral issues and hadnt cleaned up yet. ew, but nothing to worry
about. i left the bathroom and got dressed in my room. after i got
dressed i went to the other bathroom in my house, the one that
filomena dn laura use, and used their hairdryer to obviously dry my
hair and it was after i was putting back the dryer that i noticed the
shit that was left in the toilet, something that definately no one in
out house would do. i started feeling a little uncomfortable and so i
grabbed the mop from out closet and lef the house, closing and locking
the door that no one had come back through while i was in the shower,
and i returned to raffael's place. after we had used the mop to clean
up the kitchen i told raffael about what i had seen in the house over
breakfast. the strange blood in the bathroom, the door wide open, the
shit left in the toilet. he suggested i call one of my roommates, so i
called filomena. filomena had been at a party the night before with
her boyfriend marco (not the same marco who lives downstairs but we'll
call him marco-f as in filomena and the other can be marco-n as in
neighbor). she also told me that laura wasnt at home and hadnt been
because she was on business in rome. which meant the only one who had
spent the night at our house last night was meredith, and she was as
of yet unaccounted for. filomena seemed really worried, so i told her
id call meredith and then call her back. i called both of merediths
phones the english one first and last and the italian one between. the
first time i called the english phone is rang and then sounded as of
there was disturbance, but no one answered. i then calle the italian
phone and it just kept ringing, no answer. i called her english phone
again and this time an english voice told me her phone was out of
service. raffael and i gathered our things and went back to my house.
i unlocked the door and im going to tell this really slowly to get
everything right so just have patience with me. the living
room/kitchen was fine. looked perfectly normal. i was checking for
signs of our things missing, should there have been a burglar in our
house the night before. filomenas room was closed, but when i opned
the door her room and a mess and her window was open and completely
broken, but her computer was still sitting on her desk like it always
was and this confused me. convinced that we had been robbed i went to
lauras room and looked quickley in, but it was spottless, like it
hadnt even been touced. this too, i thought was odd. i then went into
the part of the house that meredith and i share and checked my room
for things missing, which there werent. then i knocked on merediths

at first i thought she was alseep so i knocked gently, but when she
didnt respond i knocked louder and louder until i was really banging
on her door and shouting her name. no response. panicing, i ran out
onto our terrace to see if maybe i could see over the ledge into her
room from the window, but i couldnt see in. bad angle. i then went
into the bathroom where i had dried my hair and looked really quickley
into the toilet. in my panic i thought i hadnt seen anything there,
which to me meant whoever was in my house had been there when i had
been there. as it turns out the police told me later that the toilet
was full and that the shit had just fallen to the bottom of the
toilet, so i didnt see it. i ran outside and down to our neighbors
door. the lights were out but i banged ont he door anyway. i wanted to
ask them if they had heard anything the night before, but no one was
home. i ran back into the house. in the living room raffael told me he
wanted to see if he could break down merediths door. he tried, and
cracked the door, but we couldnt open it. it was then that we decided
to call the cops. there are two types of cops in italy, carbanieri
(local, dealing with traffic and domestic calls) and the police
investigaters. he first called his sister for advice and then called
the carbanieri. i then called filomna who said she would be on her way
home immediately. while we were waiting, two ununiformed police
investigaters came to our house. i showed them what i could and told
them what i knew. gave them ohone numbers and explained a bit in
broken italian, and then filomena arrived with her boyfriend marco-f
and two other friends of hers. all together we checked the houe out,
talked to the polie,a nd in a big they all opened merediths door.
i was in the kitchen stadning aside, having really done my part for
the situation. but when they opened merediths door and i heard
filomena scream "a foot! a foot!" in italian i immedaitely tried to
get to merediths room but raffael grabbed me and took me out of the
house. the police told everyone to get out and not long afterward the
carabinieri arrived and then soon afterward, more police
investigators. they took all of our informaton and asked us the same
questions over and over. at the time i had only what i was wearing and
my badg, which thankfully had my passport in it and my wallet. no
jacket though, and i was freezing. after sticking around at the housr
for a bit, the police told us to go to the station to give testimony,
which i did. i was in a room for six hours straight after that without
seeing anyone else, answering questions in italian for the first hour
and then they brought in an interpreter and he helped my out with the
details that i didnt know the words for. they asked me of course about
the the morning, the last time i saw her, and because i was the
closest to her, questions about her habits and her relationships.
afterward, when they were taking my fingerprints, i met two of
merediths english friends, two girls she goes out with, including the
lat one who saw her alive that night she was murdered. they also had
their prints taken. after that, this was around 9 at night by this
time, i was taken into the waiting room where there was various other
people who i all knew from varous places who all knew meredith. her
friends from england, my roommates, even the owner of the pub she most
frequented. after a while my neighbors were taken in too, having just
arived home from a weeklong vacation in their home town, which
eplained why they werent home when i banged on their door. later than
that another guy showed up and was taken in for questioning, a guy i
dont like but who both meredith and i knew from different occasions, a
morracan guy that i only know by his nickname amongst the girls
"shaky". then i sat around in this waiting room wthout having the
chance to leave or eat anything besides vending maschine food (whcih
gave me a hell of a stomache ache) until 530 in the morning. during
this time i received calls from a lot of different people, family
mostly of course, and i also talked with the rest. especially to find
out what exactly was in merediths room whent hey opened it. apparently
her body was laying under a sheet, and with her foot sticking out and
there was a lot of blood. whoever had did this had slit her throat.
they told me to be back in at 11am. i went home to raffael's place and
ate something substantial, and passed out.

in the morning raffael drove me bck to the police station but had to
leave me when they said they wantrd to take me back to the house for
quesioning. before i go on, id like to ssay that i was strictly told
not to speak about this, but im speaking with you people who are not
involved and who cant do anything bad except talk to journalists,
which i hope you wont do. i have to get this off my chest because its
pressing down on me and it helps to know that someone besides me knows
something, and that im not the one who knows the most out of everyone.
at the house they asked me very personal questions about meredith's
life and also about the personalities of our neighbors. how well did i
know them? pretty well, we are friends. was meredith sexually active?
yeah, she borrowed a few of my condoms. does she like anal? wtf? i
dont know. does she use vaseline? for her lips? what kind of person is
stefano? nice guy, has a really pretty girlfriend. hmmm...very
interesting....weìd like to how you something, and tell us if this is
out of normal. tehy took me into the nieghbors house. the had breaken the door open
to get in, but they told me to ingonore that. the rooms were all open.
giacomo and marco-n's room was spotless which made since becaus the
guys had thoroughly cleaned the whole house before they left on
vacation. stefano's room however, well, his bed was strpped of linens,
which was odd, and the comfoter he used was shoved up at the top of
his bed, with blood on it. i obviously told then that the blood was
definatley out of normal and also that he usually has his bed made.
they took note of it and ussred me out. when i left the house to go
back to the police station they told me to put my jacket over my head
and duck down below the window so the reporters wouldnt try to talk to
me. at the station i just had to repeat the answers that i had givne
at the house do they could type them up and after a good 5 and a half
hour day with the police again raffael picked me up and took me out
for some well-deserved pizza. i was starving. i then bought some
underwear because as it turns out i wont be able to leave italy for a
while as well as enter my house. i only had the clothes i was wearing
the day it bagan, so i bought some underwear and borrwed a pair of
pants from raffael.

Spoke with my remaining roommates that night (last night) and it was a
hurricane of emotions and stress but we needed it anyway. What we have
been discussing is bascially what to do next. We are trying to keep
our heads on straight. First things first though, my roommates both
work for lawyers, and they are going to try to send a request through
on monday to retrieve important documents of ours that are still in
the house. Secondly, we are going to talk to the agency that we used
to find our house and obviously request to move out. It kind of sucks
that we have to pay the next months rent, but the owner has protection
within the contract.

After that, I guess I'll go back to class on
monday, although im not sure what im going to do about people asking
me questions, because i really dont want to talk again about what
happened. Ive been talking an awful lot lately and im pretty tired of
it. After that, Its like im trying to remember what i was doing before
all this happened. I still need to figure out who i need to talk to
and what i need to do to continue studying in perugia, because its
what i want to do.

Anyway, thats the update, feeling okay, hope you all are well,


Amanda Knox - Statement to the Court upon her Appeal


Amanda's speech in court, Translated from the Italian:

...It would happen sometimes that someone would propose a subject to discuss among us, everyone giving their opinion. I liked to followed these discussions but I was uncomfortable about whether I should participate directly, because I'm not talented for discussions. Often I don't succeed in expressing my convictions, at least verbally right at the moment. In fact, of all my friends, I'm the weakest for this. That's why, jokingly, my friend would usually jump on this, that my character was so peace-loving, and would inspire me with a little sentence: “Stand up for yourself Poindexter”, which means “Defend yourself, grind” [secchiona=someone who studies too hard, too serious]. It was a joke. And inevitably I would answer, but when the answer would come out of my mouth it would get all twisted around and incomprehensible, incomprehensibly twisted around itself. I mean, I just didn't succeed in answering, because my mind would get blocked and my tongue would get all stuck. I couldn't do the thing that my friend often asked me to do, which was to defend myself. We have to imagine that I'm the weakest person in this room for expressing myself. That's why I ask for patience, because all this that I've prepared are the things that I didn't succeed in saying to you yet. Or better, I'm in front of you for the second time, but these are the things that I would like to have said already. I ask you for patience because there have been opportunities to speak, but I was of few words. [?] I hope that words are going to come to me now, because I never expected to find myself here, condemned for a crime I didn't do. In these three years, I've learned your language, and I've seen how the procedure goes, but I've never gotten used to this broken life. I still don't know how to face all this [3:00] if I don't [?] myself, who I've always been, in spite of the suffocating awkwardness. I was wrong to think that there are right or wrong places and moments to say important things. Important things have to be said, and that's all.

The only thing I am really sorry about now is that there are people to whom I should turn, who are not here, but I hope my words will reach them, because I am either locked in prison, or I'm here. And I'm here. To the family and dear ones of Meredith, I want to say that I'm so sorry that Meredith is not here any more. I can't know how you feel, but I too have little sisters, and the idea of their suffering and infinite loss terrifies me. It's incomprehensible, it's unacceptable, what happened, what Meredith underwent. [Long pause] I'm sorry all this happened to you [??] It's not just and never will be. You're not alone [??] because I'm thinking of you. I also remember Meredith, [5:00] and my heart bleeds for all of you. Meredith was kind, intelligent, nice and always available. She was the one who invited me to see Perugia, with her, as a friend. I'm grateful and honored to have been able to be in her company and to have been able to know her.

Patrick? I don't see you. But, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, because I didn't want to wrong you. I was very naïve and really not courageous, because I should have been able to endure the pressure that pushed me to hurt you. I didn't want to contribute to all that you suffered. You know what it means to have unjust accusations imposed on your skin. You didn't deserve what you went through. I hope you'll succeed in finding your peace."
Meredith's death was a terrible shock for me. She was my new friend, a reference point for me here in Perugia. But she was killed. [7:00] Because I heard an infinity about her [?un infinita verso di lei?], suddenly, in her death, I recognized my own vulnerability. I clung above all to Raffaele, who was a source of reassurance, consolation, availability and love for me. I also tried to help with[?] the investigation, because I wanted to help render justice for Meredith. It was another shock to find myself accused and arrested. I needed a lot of time to accept that reality, of being accused, and redefined unjustly. I was in prison, my photo was everywhere. Unjust, mean rumors about my private life, almost always[?], were circulated about me. Living this experience [?] unacceptable. I have trusted above all to the hope that everything will be arranged as it should have been, and that this enormous error about me will be recognized, and that every day that I spend in a cell and in court is one day nearer to my liberty. This is my consolation, in the darkness, that lets me live without despairing, doing my best to continue my life as I always have, in contact with my dear friends and my family, dreaming about the future. [9:06]

Now, I am unjustly condemned, and more aware than ever of this hard and undeserved reality. I still hope for justice, and dream about a future. Even if this experience of three years weighs me down with anguish and fear, here I am, in front of you, more intimidated than ever, not because I'm afraid or could ever be afraid of the truth, but because I have already seen justice go wrong[?] The truth about me and Raffaele is not yet recognized, and we are paying with our lives for a crime that we did not commit. He and I deserve freedom, like everyone in this courtroom today. We don't deserve the three years that we already paid, and we certainly don't deserve more. I am innocent. Raffaele is innocent. We did not kill Meredith. [10:54] I beg you to truly consider that an enormous mistake has been made in regard to us. No justice is rendered to Meredith or her dear ones by taking our lives away and making us pay for something we didn't do. I am not the person that the prosecution says I am, not at all. According to them, I'm a dangerous, diabolical, jealous, uncaring and violent girl. Their hypotheses depend on this. But I've never been that girl. Never. The people who know me are witnesses of my personality. My past, I mean my real past, not the one talked about in the tabloids, proves that I've always been like this, like I really am, and if all this is not enough, I ask you, I invite you, I ask you to ask the people who [?] me for three years. Ask them if I have ever been violent, aggressive or uncaring in front of the suffering that is part of the broken lives in prison. Because I assure you that I'm not like that. I assure you that I have never resembled the images painted by the prosecution. [13:00] How could it be possible that I could be capable of achieving the kind of violence that Meredith suffered? How could it be possible that I could throw myself like that at the opportunity to hurt one of my friends? [?] such a violence, as though it were more important and more natural than all my teaching, all my values, all my dreams and my whole life? All this is not possible. That girl is not me. I am the girl that I have always shown myself to be and have always been. I repeat that I also am asking for justice. Raffaele and I are innocent, and we want to live our lives in freedom. We are not responsible for Meredith's death, and, I repeat, no justice is accomplished by taking our lives away. [Whispers: “okay”] Um, thank you."

Billie Dunn Press Conference January 31, 2011

Billie Dunn Press Conference January 31, 2011

I'm going to apologize because my throat is scratchy. I've got a sore throat. Is everybody ready

I'm going to read this because I don't want to forget anything xx <begins reading>I wanna give a complete very detailed xx statement of everything that went on the day before the day Hailey disappeared and the day after just everything I could remember xx I want to thank everyone for coming this afternoon and giving me an opportunity to make a statement.
First I want to speak directly to Hailey in case she's listening <stops reading>xx wherever you are Hailey I'm lookin for you. Hundreds of people are lookin for you. We all want you home safe. xx I just want to see and touch your beautiful face xx I really love you. I desperately need you home and xx There's not a minute goes by  I'm not praying for you or crying wishin <face touch> you were in my living room. xx I can't handle not knowin where you are or if your safe. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on, and I'm very proud that God chose me to be your mother. 1:36
<begins reading again>Next I want to say is if someone out there has Haley please let her go just turn her loose drop her off at a church, a school a police station anywhere that she can get to a phone and call police or call her family, even if xx anyone has any information on Hailey's whereabouts, where she might be please call the police even if they think the information is not relevant or too small to worry about or that it's already been reported. Please call it in any way any information you might have may tie somethin together or make something click for investigators xx Someone out there knows where Hailey is or knows something that can help find her.
I feel like I need to go over the days surrounding Hailey's disappearance again for several reasons, many people who were not close to the case seemed to be confused because there are so many conflicting accounts of what actually happened After watching many of the interviews. I'm beginning to see why myself.
xx I have yet to see an entire interview aired or printed. They are cut or pasted, edited for time and space, and often I'm not quoted in correct context. My words are sometimes picked apart and twisted around in such a way that I don't even recognize them.
I've been flat out called a liar by some people. Others speculate on my possible involvement in Haley's disappearance or wonder if I'm covering up for somebody. Some people accuse me of withholding information and not cooperating with law-enforcement
These things are not true but I now feel that I have to defend myself from ridiculous accusations slander or defamation of character. That said, I want to start out by saying that there was no blowout on Christmas. There were no arguments or disagreements  everyone was getting along fine. xx Everyone pretty much got exactly what they asked for
On Sunday, December 26 Hailey returned home around noon after spending the night with Clint. I cooked a small Christmas dinner for the four of us. We ate around two
after dinner we all just relaxed and hung out It was just a nice quiet enjoyable lazy day.xx Later that evening around eight or nine. David left to spend the night with a friend. That's where some of the inconsistencies with family, comes along.
David says he left at nine o'clock at night I was saying he left at six or seven. That's the inconsistencies. xx Shawn and I were watchin TV in our bedroom. Haley was playing a Xbox game In David's bedroom.
Around 10 o'clock, I saw that Haley was in her room watchin TV. I told her good night and then I went to bed.
On Monday, December 27 Shawn left the house at 530 my alarm was going off around the time he was telling me bye <pause>
I got up and got ready for work. I usually leave the house by 620 when my ride di'nt show up. I called her to see what was keepin her <no longer reading>xx I peeked in at Haley because I'm used to seein her asleep on the couch. She wa'n't there So right then I remembered. Oh yeah she's in her room I peeked in and it was dark but her TV was on and it definitely pacified me. I didn't touch her but I seen my daughter and felt good. Came in the living room to wait on my ride xx
5:10 <begins reading again>
I left the house around 630 and got to work about seven Shawn called me while I was at work that afternoon. I asked him about the kids. He told me that David wasn't home yet and that Hailey had left to go to Clint's and then was goin to a friends to spend the night.
Normally I work 7 to 7. but I left work early that monday we had a staff meeting and the person that was usually there to relieve me was at the meeting and offered to cover the rest of my shift since she was already there. I called Shawn to make sure he would be there to pick me up.
We left the hospital around 6:15. We stopped by the ATM close to the hospital to get some money out because I was running short on cash. Then we went by my moms house to check on her see if she needed anything. xx Shawn and I still got back to Colorado city about 730 that evening and we were probably in bed by nine.
xx David came in to say good night soon after. I was kind of upset <no longer reading> that Hailey ha'n't called me confirmed that Shawn did let me know she was stayin the night with her friend but I wa'n't worried about her. xx <begins reading again> I went to bed.
Tuesday morning on the 28th. Shawn and I both got up around 530. We left the house together around 620 to go to work xx it's not unusual for Shawn to take me to work he always has to be there by seven. Sometimes he had to go in earlier but he was always told the night before and I would arrange to get another ride on those days. He dropped me off at the hospital at seven
6:43 <speaking really fast>
Around noon I called David on my cell phone that I'd left at home. <stammer, face touch> He told me Hailey wa'n't home yet <no longer reading>so I asked him to text her friend xx to see if Hailey was there and to tell her to go ahead and come home. <reading again>He called me back within a few minutes to say that Hailey ha'n't been there 'n ha'n't stayed the night there.
I then told him to walk over to Clint's. <points> To check with him Elint's phone was broke. So he walked over there and called me back told me that Naomi said Hailey had been over there for a minute on Monday but didn't stay the night.
I told David to give the phone to Clint. After telling Clint how worried I was. I told him I was gonna get a ride home and report <touches mouth> Hailey missing to police. I asked him to call the PD and let em know that I was comin. He agreed to make the call but for some reason he never did. <head shake>
My sister-in-law gave me a ride home from Snyder to Colorado city. I stopped at the house first to make sure Hailey hadn't come back home. Grabbed my cell phone started texting Hailey's friends while my sister-in-law took me around to a couple of their houses before going to the police station.
I got home from the police station around three. <mouth touch> Shawn called me on my cell and talked to David <again> who told them I was going, told em what all was goin on. So Shawn left and got to the house around four o'clock, w' me and  David.
Officer Alexander arrived shortly after to take a more detailed report from me. xx I've just told you everything I know  first-hand, the rest. I learned later either from David or Shawn I'm gonna touch briefly on that.
Monday morning. Shawn quit his job he di'n't tell me about this until Wednesday the 29th. I knew that Shawn had been thinkin about quitting but he knew that I would be mad if he did. He told me that he went in to work Monday, turning in his coveralls and to clean out his locker.
Then he went to his grandmother's house in Dunn. xx but they didn't answer the door. So he came down to I20 didn't <draws a half oval in the air with her finger> come into C city just to I20 'n went to Big Spring. xx He got to big spring before eight o'clock and he knows that because his mother wa'n't hadn't left for work yet. he stayed there until just after two.
When he left to come to Colorado city Shawn said that <pause> around two he left to come to Colorado city.  Shawn said that he didn't get home until around or a little after three. Hailey left just about 15 minutes after he got there.
David told me that he and a friend came home Monday some time between four and five. The door was locked, he knocked for several minutes before reachin in through the glass, was, <pointing> had been broken out, Hailey broke it with a basketball. He reached in through there and unlocked the door. When David and his friend walked in the house. Shawn was comin from my bedroom xx where he'd been watchin TV. 9:39
They all said "hi what's up" to each other and then David xx and Shawn returned to my bedroom -sorry, and David and his friend went to David's room. Shawn remained home until he left to go pick me up from work.
One other thing I want to mention is that it's been reported that we hosted a New Year's Eve party at our house. This is an absurdity beyond belief. Members of my family were at my house to be with me in this time of distress and to worry about Hailey.
While I sincerely appreciate the time and effort of law enforcement agents, that law enforcement agents are putting into investigate Hailey's disappearance, I do not understand why they seem to have disregarded all of the witnesses who've come forward to say they saw Hailey on Monday, December 27
Two of my neighbors came forward to say they saw Hailey in my backyard around noon. Another neighbor said he saw Hailey and a small dark boy, probably Naomi's son, two times between 1030, and noon.
A woman who knows Hailey and a friend She was supposed to spend the night with saw them both walking together in front of Alco around 8:30 PM. This woman was returning a video to the red box and passed by them, she still had a receipt. And brought it by and showed it to me the other day with the date of the 27th and The time of 836 xx
I also don't understand law enforcement's reluctance to publicly name any other persons of interest and for whatever reason they are unable to locate someone to question them, then why not take advantage of the media to get their name and description out and let the public find them.
Investigators keep telling me about numerous other people that they are interested in questioning but there is no sense of urgency to actually get it done. It is been over a month since Hailey has disappeared. Knowin that someone might have information about Hailey that law enforcement have still not gotten around to questioning them is disturbing to me.
While I'm not trying to deflect suspicion away from anyone. I do absolutely want every single person who may have information about Hailey or her whereabouts checked out. <nose touch> In my mind not to of already done this is negligence. It's been over a month and we seem no closer to knowing where Hailey is than we did in the beginning she needs to be found to come home to be surrounded by everyone who loves her.
I want to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends who continued to stand by and support me unconditionally and  are always there for me.
I want to thank Mark Klass and Brad Dennis were both great guys that are willing to do whatever it takes to find Hailey are continuing to stay in contact with me and offer their help . Thank you to the Laura Recovery Center who came down to organize searches and to train volunteers. xx
Thank you to all of the people who have searched for Hailey to everyone who is praying for Hailey's safe return and everyone who has brought me everything from cooked meals to groceries to "Find Hailey" T-shirts and handmade cards.
Thank you Dana with the Summer Thompson Foundation who awarded me a grant. Thanks to the media, who are keeping Hailey's picture on TV and in the newspapers so that she is in the front of everyone's mind.
Although I have not n' will not ask for money,  I greatly appreciate those who have found it in their hearts to want to help me but I want most are your prayers for Hailey's safe return.
There are some people who were going around demanding or begging for money. I am disgusted with these individuals who have never held down jobs are exploiting Hailey to get a handout. I've always worked and supported my kids by myself and I will return to work as soon as I'm able.
 Sorry <cough> I do not want a handout and if anyone asked for money on my behalf, please know that the request is not coming from me and I'm not getting money.
I do hope this will lay to rest the confusion and speculation surrounding Hailey's disappearance on my part anyway. I do not want to have to defend myself or anyone else.
I only want to concentrate on Hailey and everything that can be done to bring her back home. I will continue to hold onto the hope that Hailey is alive and that she will be home soon. I ask that everyone out there also hold on to the hope that she is alive.
Please continue to look for Hailey when you're in a store, when your  drivin down the street wherever you go, whatever you do, please don't give up hope that my daughter Hailey is alive and out there somewhere.
14:18<no longer reading>
an Thank you to everybody that came out and everybody that can get all of that aired or typed up.xx I just really appreciate all of you guys coming out and giving me the opportunity clear that up.
JOURNALIST: What is your relationship like with Shawn Adkins

xx <pause> we're friendly. We talk on the phone.

But I'm not gonna take any questions just because I don't want my statement cut into. I'll do interviews again tomorrow and everyday all day. Thank you